Carmen Harbour

Greater Denver area

Member Since: 3/26/2018

In the spirit of the genius movie (and novel) High Fidelity, these are the Top Five Reasons To Hire Me. 1. I’m comfortable pitching crazy ideas. I once wrote a script for Wells Fargo that had the word “boop” in it 10 times. In 45 seconds. It made bank marketers laugh during a presentation and that’s a tall task. 2. I think and work fast. After Missy Elliot posted a tweet that she was rehearsing for tour using a Dasani bottle as a mic, I got to craft a list of tweets for Dasani to reply back with. While I almost fainted in the process, she liked the tweet and my life has never been the same. 3. I love pushing the boundaries of existing (and new) mediums. After receiving the RFP for an AR project for dog pharmaceutical company NexGard, I pitched a “never before done” dual perspective 360 video… that the client loved, bought, I wrote, and was made. 4. I can do a lot with a little. While the American Cancer Society doesn’t have many resources for social media, I wanted to do something huge to celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day. So I wrote a short script that was to be layered over inspiring “bell ringing” UGC footage. It resulted in the most watched, most commented on, and most shared video ever featured on ACS channels. 5. I truly love my work but it’s not my entire life. I’m a dog rescuer, rock climber, pop culture enthusiast, and I’m currently working my way through the AFI Top 100 Movies. All of these things influence the work I do by filling me with empathy, joy, and really obscure references. BONUS! I’m a gosh dang ray of sunshine. I keep collab sessions light, I like bringing in baked goods, and I genuinely love terrible puns and word play.